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Ryder is an avid bird dog for her owner Jarrod Charbonneau of Acton, MA. When you can get her out of her cozy-cave, she is excellent at finding and flushing birds.

Indiana "Indy"

Ryder has been certified as a gluten detection dog. She was trained by her owner Ashley DeBrusk of Barre, MA 

Nala is currently under mentorship by Simba (pictured above with Nala) at Sit Means Sit Cleveland/Akron, OH. She is training under her owner Paul Pollock of Ohio.


Emma Rose adores life and being outside in all kinds of weather with all of her friends (human and animal). She hikes 5+ miles a day with her family in NH. She is a true joy.

Indy has been a great asset to the Horaj family as an emotional support companion. She is living her best life in Atkinson, NH.


Below you will see some of Bellas Breed's "Best and Brightest"

These are only some of the accomplishments of our dogs


Whinni and Bo are owned by Rob and Rachael Kilnapp of Pembroke, MA. The sibling pups from different litters go hiking off leash 5 days a week in any of a half dozen patches of conservation land in Boston's South Shore. The dogs generally hike, run, and walk a combined 5-7 miles each per day while Rob and Rachel clock in about 3 miles each. Whinni and Bo sniff for critters, run, and wrestle through open fields, climb up and down steep off trail embankments and sprint back and forth on well worn trails. They are the happiest of dogs when the leashes come off and they are told "go play". 

Otter represents the dog training company "Sit Means Sit" in Easton, MA.  He was trained by his owner Dave Skoletsky of Berkley, MA. Between running on the beach, playing basketball, and swimming in his pool, Otter's life is always an adventure.

Rezi enjoys hiking with his family. He is currently working on his NH 4K footers list (he has climbed 27 so far!). He likes to hike in all seasons. 


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Parker acheived her Canine Good Citizen certification (CGC) with ease and is working toward more advanced levels.  She lives in Massachusetts


Eli works at Indian Hill Country Club in Newington, CT. He greets members and oversees maintenance (including keeping geese off the course). He lives in Middletown, CT with his owners Matt and Tracy Quinn

Whinni and Bo

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