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This smooth, shorthaired coat is easy to keep in peak condition. Brush with a firm bristle brush, and dry shampoo occasionally. Bathe with mild soap only when necessary. The nails should be kept trimmed. These dogs are average shedders.

Average Size

Height: Males: 22 - 26 inches (56 - 66 cm); Females: 20 - 24 inches (51 - 61 cm)

Weight: Males: 45 - 60 pounds (20 - 27 kg); Females: 40 - 55 pounds (18 - 25 kg)

About the Vizsla Breed

​The Vizsla thrives as part of an active family who provides daily exercise. He is lively  and affectionate to his people, and possesses an above-average ability to take training. Although he sheds, his short coat requires low daily maintenance.

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  • Sporting Group; AKC recognized in 1960.

  • Average size: 21 to 24 inches tall at the shoulder.

  • Hunting dog, family companion.

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The Versatile Hunter

The Viszla is an outstanding hunter. They are blessed with a refined sense of smell, great eyesight, and a loyal heart the Vizsla is a great companion for a wide variety of game hunting. One of the biggest advantages of hunting with a Viszla is that they hunt meticulously, taking care not to scare up game accidentally. It is an ideal breed for hunting in dense wooded cover and ruffed grouse. Like most pointers with short coats the Vizsla will not hesitate to jump in the cold water to get the job done. 

The Affectionate Pet

Although Vizslas were originally developed as hunting dogs, they have much more companionship to offer other than retrieving dinner. Vizslas possess a strong desire for the hunt but an equal desire to be part of a pack or around people. Highly affectionate and loving dogs, Vizslas will quickly form a close bond with their owner. They are the type of dog that will be by your side every chance it gets. 
Vizslas possess a warm disposition and since it is a medium size framed dog it makes it an ideal match for small children. A relatively low maintenance breed, the Vizsla is naturally clean with short coats that require little grooming.

Energy Level and Training

The Vizsla is expressive, gentle and loving. Keen and trainable to a high degree, it needs daily mental stimulation. It needs a patient, calm, firm hand. If this breed does not see you as a strong authority figure it will become stubborn. The Vizsla is very reliable with children, loving to play for hours. Without extensive daily exercise these dogs may be too energetic and excitable for very young toddlers, but are excellent for energetic kids. Able to adapt quickly to family life, and are generally good with other dogs.This breed is highly trainable and very willing to please—if you can get them to understand exactly what it is you want of them. If you do not train this breed they may become difficult to handle and control.