Annie Oakley

Annie is our curious, playful, and enthusiastic love monkey (earning her the nickname Banana). The world is Annie's playground. She loves running, wrestling, and chasing her friends here at Bellas. We enjoy her sweet loveable and audacious personailty as a part of our pack.



Remington is a masculine addition to BellasBreed. He is athletic, confident and brings with him a boastful personality that makes us laugh and smile daily. He enjoys fetching and playing tricks on us; he is intelligent and cunning... always 1 step ahead of us.

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Ellie enjoys belly rubs, cuddles, and kisses (earning her the nickname Ellie Belly). She is a loyal companion and great friend to all of the pack. When Ellie is finished playing with her friends you'll find her cuddled with her BFF Athena (below). 


Athena is a loveable and affectionate girl. She is playful, enjoys her zoomies, and will do anything for a treat. You will often find Athena chasing her BFF Ellie (above) through the yard. We enjoy having her sweet tempered personality in our pack. 

Josey (like the Outlaw Josey Wales)

Our sweet, lovable, gentle soul. He is a great companion who enjoys playing and wrestling with his friends here at Bellas. Josey loves belly rubs, cuddling, and his best friend/sister Annie Oakley. He is a magnificent addition to our pack and will sire in 2022


Bella is our loyal and loving companion who loves nothing more than to hold your hand while walking at your side. She also enjoys sitting by my side and pointing at her catch. Bella shows her devotion to obedience and always wants to please.


Moxie is a complete lovebug who strives to please and enjoys cuddling. She is a true companion who is easy going and affectionate. Moxie enjoys playing "keep away" and being chased by her friends Annie and Josey. Her sweet personality is a great addition to our pack.

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