Etta (right) lives with her son Ruger (top) in Dartmouth, MA.

Ryder retired in 2017 and moved to Acton, MA where her vizsla friend Walter was waiting for her. She enjoys her new backyard of 1.4 acres, a cozy cave bed, and lots of treats.

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Moxie has settled into her new home loving , enjoying and being a complete Velcro dog !
Moxie loves her new family living in RI .

Ruby and Whiskey are enjoying life together in Dartmouth, MA with their niece Scarlet

Ruby and Whiskey

Rosie enjoys hiking daily in her town of Plymotuh, MA with her "fur" sibling Scout.

Ivie is loving her off leash hikes , chasing bunnies and tons of cuddles with her son Tucker in Foxboro, Ma .


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Snicker is living happily in New Jersey with her son Remi. 




Bell is enjoying all the romping and wrestling with her puppy Piper in New Hampshire !
She is enjoying all the new adventures with her forever family !


Roxie is enjoying her life in NH with her son Otis (her current chin support).



Athena is loving her new yard in Westport ,Ma . She’s enjoying playtime with her vizsla friend Finn , and tons of runs on the beaches .


Bama (jams)

Ellie is loving the beaches on cape cod ! She enjoys her playing wrestling sessions with her fur sister Jenny !

Emma is currently enjoying the finer things in Oxford, MA with her nephew Aero. 

Bree is loving life with her new fur sister Stella and her human siblings in Concord , Ma !


Shelby is enjoying retirement in Newton, MA


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Bama (left) is enjoying her shenanigans with her friend River (right) in Sandwich, MA.